2013 Silver Sets

The 2013 Silver Sets issued by the US Mint that year should include the 2013 United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set™ as well as the 2013 United States Mint Silver Proof Set™. Combined, these two proof sets contain a total of 2.242 ounces of silver.

That precious metal content is owed to the fact that several coins in each proof set are struck from a composition of 90% silver. Broken out, the 2013 Quarters Silver Proof Set contains 0.904 ounces and the 2013 Silver Proof Set contains 1.338 ounces of silver.

Coins in both proof sets are struck to proof quality at the US Mint’s facility in San Francisco. This facility is typically responsible for striking the numismatic proof versions of the circulating coins issued by the US Mint of which the coins in these collections are composed of.

2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set

The 2013 Quarters Silver Proof Set contains the five 2013 National Park Quarters struck as part of the US Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. These quarters honor sites of national interest from around the United States and its territories including national parks, national forests, etc.

Each of these quarters are struck from 90% silver and are scheduled to be included as part of this set:

  • 2013-S White Mountain Quarter representing White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire
  • 2013-S Perry’s Victory Quarter representing Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial of Ohio
  • 2013-S Great Basin Quarter representing Great Basin National Park Quarter of Nevada
  • 2013-S Fort McHenry Quarter representing Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine of Maryland
  • 2013-S Mount Rushmore Quarter representing Mount Rushmore National Memorial of South Dakota

The five strikes above represent the fourth year for the series which debuted in 2010 and is scheduled to be issued until 2021.

2013 Silver Proof Set

Included in the 2013 Silver Proof Set are proof quality examples of the 2013 circulating coins of the United States. Several of these coins will be struck from 90% silver with the remaining coins struck from their typical clad composition. The silver strikes will include the five aforementioned quarters as well as the Roosevelt Dime and the Kennedy Half Dollar.

The fourteen coins scheduled to be included in the set include:

  • 2013-S Lincoln Cent
  • 2013-S Jefferson Nickel
  • 2013-S Roosevelt Dime
  • 2013-S White Mountain Quarter
  • 2013-S Perry’s Victory Quarter
  • 2013-S Great Basin Quarter
  • 2013-S Fort McHenry Quarter
  • 2013-S Mount Rushmore Quarter
  • 2013-S Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2013-S Native American $1 Coin
  • 2013-S William McKinley Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2013-S Theodore Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2013-S William Howard Taft Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2013-S Woodrow Wilson Presidential $1 Coin

As mentioned before, seven of these coins are struck from precious metal giving the proof set an intrinsic melt value approximately equal to the current market price of that amount of the precious metal on the open market.



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