1968-1970 US Mint Set

1968-1970 US Mint Sets signified a return of normalcy in a sense to annual releases from the Mint. For the previous three years (1964-1967), Special Mint Sets had been issued in lieu of standard mint and proof sets.

The special sets were almost a cross between modern uncirculated mint sets and proof sets. Coins in the series were struck with over-polished dies but not polished planchets resulting in a brilliant finish. However, the coins were not kept separate after striking resulting in marks on some surfaces.

Then, in 1968, the US Mint returned to mint and proof set production. Like standard Mint Set releases before, this set contained examples of the circulating coinage issued that year.

This included one example for each denomination from each facility that produced it. For example, Lincoln Cents were struck by three different minting facilities in 1968 – Philadelphia (P), Denver (D) and San Francisco (S). Thus, three cent coins are included in the set with one from each location.

Additional strikes of the set included two Jefferson Nickels (D&S), two Roosevelt Dimes (P&D), two Washington Quarters (P&D) and one Kennedy Half Dollars (D).


In total, ten coins were included as part of the 1968-1970 US Mint Sets. A brief description of each follows:

The 1968-1970 US Mint Sets contained a total of ten coins. Brief descriptions about each included strike is offered below:

(3) Lincoln Cents

Lincoln Cents first appeared from the US Mint in 1909 as part of a centennial celebration of the birth of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The portrait of Lincoln found on the obverse was designed by Victor David Brenner. The reverse of the cent coin was changed in 1959 to that of the Lincoln Memorial by Frank Gasparro.

(2) Jefferson Nickels

Shown on the obverse of the Jefferson Nickels is a portrait of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, by Felix Schlag. This same artist designed the reverse of the strikes which showcased the image of Monticello, the home of Jefferson.

(2) Roosevelt Dimes

John R. Sinnock designed the obverse portrait of the Roosevelt Dime depicting President Franklin D. Roosevelt. These dimes first appeared from the US Mint in 1946, shortly after the death of the President. The reverse, also by Sinnock, shows an olive branch, an oak branch and a torch.

(2) Washington Quarters

Washington Quarters made their debut in 1932 and have featured the same obverse portrait of George Washington, the first President of the United States, since then. This portrait was completed by John Flanagan who also designed the reverse eagle image.

(1) Kennedy Half Dollar – 0.14790 oz. total silver weight

Kennedy Half Dollars first appeared in 1964 with an obverse portrait by Gilroy Roberts. The reverse shows a modified Presidential Seal by Frank Gasparro.

1968-1970 Mint Set Specifications

Face Value:   $1.33
Composition:   cent, nickel, dime & quarter – base metal
half dollar – 40% silver
Total Silver Content:   0.14790 oz



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